Frequently asked questions

Are you UK based?

Yes! We are based in the South West of England and work out of a home studio in the countryside. We support local business when we source our paints, packaging and website designs. If you live local then collection of pots is also available.

Can House of Botanee pots go outside?

No, all House of Botanee pots are for interiors only. Each pot is sealed on the interior and exterior of the pot to ensure all the designs do not fade over time. Do not scrub or scratch the pots as this will remove their protective layer.

Can you create custom pots?

Yes! If you loved a certain pot or design then get in touch and we will create a pot that matches as closely as possible just for you, with no extra charge! Or if you want a certain sized pot for your home then we can source this for you...anything is possible just get in touch.

Do all pots come with drainers?

No, not all pot come with drainers. If the pot has drainage holes (shown in product description) then the pot will come with a matching drainer. If the pot does not have drainage holes then the pot will not come with a drainer. However, if you would like to purchase a drainer seperately then get in touch via the chat or email.

Can I order more than one pot of the same design?

Yes, this is possible all you need to do is get in touch via the chat or email. All of the pots will be slightly different as they are handpainted but will match in colour and style.

What postcodes are included in the local saturday delivery?